Trail dating

She kept me going with her amazing spirit; always finding something positive to focus on during the long flat featureless sections of the trail. What would you say was your partner’s best/worst quality while thru-hiking?

Miyagi: Dave’s best quatlity is his ability to let things go and roll with the punches.

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I asked them a set of questions and had them respond separately.

Their answers will make you laugh, tear up a bit and say “AWEEE”. What is the biggest advantage/disadvantage of thru-hiking with your significant other? Sharing the experience and literally everything else on your back is both an advantage and a disadvantage of thru hiking with a partner or significant other. Thats why we made sure to hike separately for parts of the day.

Not just from the artwork, but from their adorable, quirky and fun personalities depicted through their photographs.

I was star struck when I found out they lived in Portland and that we had mutual friends.

“There’s breadcrumbing when you’ve broken up with someone but you don’t want to let them go; there’s breadcrumbing as a way of keeping a dating prospect on ‘hold,’” the explains.

“Or there’s breadcrumbing as a kind of game: when a person is ‘not interested in you, but interested in themselves staying relevant to you.’”Because of the seminal role that technology plays in the modern dating scene, breadcrumbing can be especially infuriating if you’re in search of a genuine connection.It allowed us to connect with other people and hike our own hike a bit.Hiking by yourself is so different than hiking with a partner (even when in silence).Sometimes I found myself getting lost in the logistics of the trail, or shit getting broken, or things wanting to kill me.But Dave, he really was able to see how much those things mattered in the grand scheme of things and continue to push north. Miyagi: Our biggest fights on trail honestly had to do with me being a wannabe purist, and Dave being more focused on the trail experience.Sometimes I need an initial push off a cliff in order to find something magical. He challenged my idea of status quo, of my career path, and for that I will be forever grateful.

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