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The increase in the indices of weathering and alteration coincide with both shifts in mineral composition and mineral decomposition from plagioclase/K-feldspar to mica/kaolinite and from amphibole to chlorite/smectite.

Juvenile crustal materials from local sources are only slightly decomposed due to little or no transport.

So it follows that the Mesolith, Neolith, Eneolith and the literal ancient monuments, as well as the whole relevant argumentation on the artefacts of the prevedic solar, cosmographic and other symbols of the so-called Mesolithic, Neolithic, Eneolith etc.

They are characterized by low CIW/CIA and negligible Eu anomalies.

In contrast, crustal materials from large provenance areas have usually suffered long transport and recycling, which results in decomposition of high-temperature minerals and large CIW/CIA values that are negatively correlated with significant negative Eu anomalies.

So today only a Macedonian would say: “He is a Veda in the job (task)”.

Everything our ancestors saw and knew about the transformations in nature and natural occurrences about the sun, fire and the domestic fire, about fertility and the great mother – godess, about astrological, mythical and philosophical understandings of nature, life, about the beliefs and traditions of everyday people, about the living and the dead, i.e.

Up till now it is assumed that the oldest graphisms on the Balkan peninsula, according to some scientists, are dated between 10.650 to 10.100 B. and similar graphisms to these, according to Piete, in western Europe are dated from the beginning of the young Paleolith, i.e. as well as the island of Lemn in the Aegean sea, the Pizza cave in Corinth and the island Lesb in Greece etc.

According to our newest palaeographic and paleolinguistic research we can state that signs of the sound alphabet have been discovered on the localities: Lepeneski Vir and Vincha in Serbia, Karanovo, Gradeshnitsa and Sitovo in Bulgaria, Tartaria in Romania as well as many localities in Macedonia.

S Grinevich who in 1993 tried to prove convincingly that the writings from Crete, Pil and other places with the random dating from 1700-1400 B. are not written on the so-called ancient Greek language but instead they are written on an old pre Slavic language and with this negates the attempts of deciphering made on the Knosos clay tablets by Arthur Evans and especially opposes the results of the 16 painstaking working years done by Micheal Ventris and his assistant John Chadwick in relation to the deciphering of the clay tablets from Crete written on the so-called Linear A and B that is the so-called Minoy alphabet, hence the language of the Pelazgian people and the Minoy alphabet are treated by G. On the basis of the paleographic and paleolinguist research done up till now, we can affirm that the so-called pre Slav language that is the so-called Aegean language , in other words the Minoy language or the language of the Pelazgian and other Macedonian tribes (Payonian, Piertian, Brygian or Phrygian, Venets or Enets etc) in fact represents a many functional flexible language of the ancient Macedonians which experiences its first innovations far back in prehistoric times while the morphologically relevant diverse peculiarities and the sounds of the phonetic and syntactic peculiarities move on a dialectic border which is a larger speaking area than the current ethnic area of Macedonia.

In the completeness of its peculiarities of the ancient Macedonian diasystem , stand out the central Macedonian talks and the peripheral Macedonian talks while the dialectic differentiation of the ancient Macedonian language can be confirmed from the deciphered texts of inscriptions from prehistoric time which are registered on many places of the Balkan peninsula.

Thus, the observed trends are interpreted as mainly reflecting increasing contributions of recycled and decomposed materials from large provenances relative to juvenile crustal additions through arc magmatism at local sources.

In this context, there is no obvious distinction between Archean greenstone and high-grade metasediments and young deep-sea sediments.

close to Bitola; “Tsrveni Livadi” or the “Estuary of the Drim river” in Struga; “Barutnitsa” – Anzabegovo and “Vrshnik” at Tarintsi close to Shtip etc.) are so diversified and numberfull that they totally overlap with the mythology that is fixed with the content of the Veda (R’K Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharva Veda) which according to the well educated people in this matter they have a theme dedicated to mystical logic of numbers, ritual symbols, structure of the micro and macro cosmos the Vedic Pantheon, pantheistic ideas, magic, fortune telling, myths, legends, hymns for the gods, natural forces etc.


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