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Public and politicians leapfrogged each other in providing facts for journalists to report at a crucial stage of the peace process in Northern Ireland, as the Ulster Unionist Executive met to consider the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

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/ The new dialogue about news / Practical recommendations.

PART 2 Further thoughts Chapter 1 - How to handle propaganda efforts in war journalism By Rune Ottosen and Stig A.

Jake Lynch, correspondent based in London and Sydney for Sky News and The Independent.

It is reposted here because some articles on this site cited it. You can also see the original site via Executive Summary PART 1 What Are Journalists For?

Nohrstedt, Oslo College Department of Journalism Chapter 2 - Peace Journalism and Media War By Danny Schechter, Executive Producer, Globalvision, New York Chapter 3 - Journalists Anonymous?

By Phillip Knightley, author, The First Casualty and Hack’s Progress Chapter 4 - Media & Conflict Resolution in Greek-Turkish Relations By Neslihan Ozgunes, European Centre for Common Ground, and Georgios Terzis, Catholic University of Brussels Chapter 5 - Meaningless Statistics and Meaningful News By Paul O’Connor, producer, Undercurrents video magazine Chapter 6 - Norms By Julian Darley, Consultant Conflict & Peace Forums All contributors write in a personal capacity.

The deal was, SA-FM would pay for the pair to have a luxury holiday in Bali on condition that, at the end of the week, they marry.

But this episode of Two Strangers and a Wedding soon began to go wrong.

Assignment became assignation for Christopher Hill, as he and Boyer drew close, Balacco returning home early in disillusion.

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