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In fact, I will call it the “Super 100” from here on out as I feel it is so jam-packed with features that PHOTOGRAPHERS want.

Nice fast Zeiss zoom, pop up EVF, swivel screen, fast and accurate AF, slim design, high quality video, etc.

For me it offers a fun factor and stress free experience, which is good.

While it may be small for some hands, there are a few grip options out there including Sony’s own grip made for the camera.

There are also cases, and my fave is the one made by Gariz, which you can see below and order HERE.

It has class, style, grace and it performs without breaking a sweat.

The build feels solid and nothing about it feels cheap or hollow. – Using the selfie mode, the LCD flips up so you can see it and then the camera counts down – 3-2-1 on the screen.

After the original RX100 came the RX100 II and after I had one for 2-3 weeks I found it was NOT enough of an upgrade to the 1st version to warrant the expense. It stays hidden until you want to use it, and then you flick it up with a switch on the side.

With version II Sony added the capability to use an external EVF and improved the sensor slightly, but for me, I preferred the original sensor. It pops up just like a pop up flash would and then you pull it out to use it.You want ease of use, HD video, a fast lens and great low light performance?Look no further my friends as the RX100 III can do it all, and it does it so much better than your phone.In my review of the original RX100, I praised it up and down for what it was, what it could do and how it could do it, all while fitting in a front pocket.You can read that review here and to be honest, the original is still a damn fine camera today and can be had at a much better price than when it was launched. Sony has given us a pop up EVF which is absolute GENIUS!This is a useful little mode that sounds silly to some, but I used it 4 times in my 2 weeks with the camera.


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