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Social influence is generally perceived to be harmless when it respects the right of the influenced to accept or reject it, and is not unduly coercive.

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In the DSM-V, manipulation was removed as a defining characteristic of borderline personality disorder.

Manipulative behavior is also common to narcissists, who use manipulation to obtain power and narcissistic supply.

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Manipulators generally take the time to scope out the characteristics and vulnerabilities of their victims.

Kantor advises in his book The Psychopathology of Everyday Life: How to Deal with Manipulative People The authors of the book Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work describe a five phase model of how a typical workplace psychopath climbs to and maintains power.~ Zbigniew Brzezinski Intimidation (also called cowing) is intentional behavior that would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities fear of injury or harm.It is not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened.Sociopaths, borderlines, and narcissists are often pathological liars.interpersonal exploitation, hostility, anger and rage, vanity, emotional instability, rejection sensitivity, perfectionism, and the use of primitive defence mechanisms that are pathological and narcissistic.~ USLegal Every honest man knows why Trade Unions insist on the right to a strong numerical picket:...

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