Courteney cox dating brian van holt

He (jokingly) put Cox and Hopkins on the spot in front of the live audience, asking them point-blank if they were dating. US Weekly is reporting that Courteney Cox is dating her “Cougar Town” co-star Brian Van Holt.

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An insider says, “They’ve been going out for about six months,” and adds that Cox is now comfortable taking her relationship out in the open because her ex-husband David Arquette is dating someone as well.

Arquette is reportedly seeing “Entertainment Tonight” host Christina Mc Larty.

But the show has definitely spurred some interesting relationships.

Jennifer Aniston and Josh Hopkins allegedly dated, and then Courteney went on a platonic (PEOPLE’s word, not mine) vacation with him.

"They've been going out for about six months," said an insider, explaining that the actress felt more comfortable pursuing a relationship with her costar once her ex-husband, David Arquette, had moved on with girlfriend Christina Mc Larty.

(Separated since 2010, Cox and Arquette finalized their divorce on May 29.) PHOTOS: Courteney Cox and Coco's sweetest moments together Van Holt has already won over Cox's daughter, according to a source.Sources tell the gossip magazine that the two, who play exes on the TBS comedy, began seeing each other earlier this year."They've been going out for about six months," the insider said.Cox and Van Holt have played on-screen exes on “Cougar Town” for four seasons, but it sounds as though they’ve grown close off screen.It’s too quippy for my liking and oh-my-god Christa Miller’s face is terrifying.The 49-year-old Friends star, whose divorce from David Arquette was recently finalised following their split in 2010, is reportedly finally ready to go public with her new romance after being linked to her Cougar Town co-star several times in the past.


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