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It is not clear whether the surprise move by King Salman will herald a wider loosening of rules around women's behaviour in Saudi.

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These decisions include the approval to apply for a passport, travel outside the country, study abroad on a government scholarship, get married, or exit prison.

Women regularly face difficulty conducting a range of transactions – from renting an apartment to filing legal claims – without a male relative’s consent or presence.

The movie “Akele Hum Akele Tum” featured a kiss between “Manisha Koirala and Aamir” and “Mamta Kulkarni and Aamir” presented an innovative smooching scene where the character portrayed by Mamta puts an ice-cube from her lips to Aamir’s mouth whose character in the film is injured during the particular sequence.

One of the Best movies of Bollywood “Raja Hindustani’ saw Karishma Kapoor and Aamir Khan break all the boundaries for a passionate long and steamy smooching sequence.

Alisha ali-Khan, the UK-based editor for Asian Mums Network and a rights campaigner, hailed the decision, but said Saudi Arabia still has a long way to go before women become full members of society.

Under the system of guardianship in Saudi, every woman must have a male guardian – a father, brother, husband, or even a son – who has the authority to make a range of decisions on her behalf, she explained.The image of Emraan has become such that he seems to be synonymous with the term “Serial Kisser”!However, if one takes a closer look at Aamir Khan’s work since the time he came into the Bollywood Film Industry then one can easily notice that Aamir Khan has smooched and kissed most of his leading actresses in his films but still he has not been given the tag of a Serial Kisser!Amnesty International said at the time that she had been denied access to a lawyer and had not been allowed to contact her family.It also comes after the Muslim kingdom was elected to the United Nations women's rights commission, despite a terrible record on the issue.The US State Department said it welcomed the decision, calling it a 'huge step in the right direction'.


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