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That’s a little more than two percent per year, not exactly an explosive growth rate.What it means is that in the year 2021, with 4,504 students R-3 will still be a far, far cry from an enrollment of 8,000.

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For tax year 2017, Harley-Davidson paid $935,024 to Platte County R-3 in personal property taxes.

In real estate taxes, in 2017 Harley-Davidson paid nearly $384,000 to Platte County R-3.

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Real estate taxes from Harley to the library are $30,000 per year.

****** As you read in last week’s Landmark, a state audit of the Village of Ferrelview Municipal Court shows the village collected more than 20% of its general operating revenue from municipal court fines, bond forfeitures and court costs allowed by state law.

Doesn’t sound like the district is anywhere close to being ready for that, judging by the numbers and the discussion last week.

“A district with less than 8,000 students usually doesn’t have two high schools,” said Jay Harris, the R-3 director of operations, at the meeting.

According to information presented at the task force meeting, in 2021 the district-wide enrollment is projected to be 4,504.

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