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Today he was sentenced to 15 months in custody, suspended for two years.

Coffey was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and costs of £14,600.

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When interviewed under caution, the consultant was unable to offer a good reason for entering each X-ray patient's record once before, and once after, 5pm.

He claimed although he had completed the work during the day, as he had not pressed the submit button until after 5pm, it was not his fault if he was 'efficient'.

But jurors heard he did the overtime work in his normal day instead, then often submitted the extra reports at 5.01pm, claiming the £4 overtime for each one.

When the already highly-paid worker was later challenged, he tried to argue that it was not his fault he was 'efficient'.

The radiologist workforce remains the key focus for the RCR; the data collected in the census underpin our work to influence UK healthcare policy and to make the case to governments and regulatory bodies to increase clinical radiologist training numbers.

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Coffey was investigated by Local Counter Fraud Specialists Claire Smallman and Simon Regan, with support from the national level counter-fraud body, NHS Protect.

Six years after the first complaints were lodged with the authorities, the judges found radiologist Joshua Anah, 54, guilty of manslaughter and destroying evidence, sentencing him to three years in prison of which 18 months were suspended.

The two doctors, Jean-Francois Sztermer, 64, and Michel Aubertel, 62, were convicted of manslaughter and for not helping people in danger.


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