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In addition, Masterwork armor can have their stat package re-rolled, so if you don’t want that hunter gear to focus primarily on mobility, you can re-roll it to try for resilience or recovery.

Masterwork armor solves a problem that has had from the beginning where various armor pieces that may look cool aren’t viable because of their default stat packages.

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Each time an encounter doesn’t, that chance is increased until one drops.

Seeker of Opulence makes exotic drops from Raid encounters more likely to be from a selection of exotics that you don’t yet have.

It seems like once this system is out in the wild, Bungie will continue to expand and iterate on it based on ongoing player feedback.

Reworking Raid Rewards Another change that Bungie has been hinting at since last year is updates to Raid rewards to make that particular endgame activity more viable for repeated play.

There’s another major update coming in February, which Bungie indicates they are already working on.

As soon as Bungie Updates the Blog I will post everything they have talked about.

Playing the Raid or Raid Lair will now give you things that will increase your power within those specific activities.

Each and every encounter in the Raid is now guaranteed to drop a Raid piece.

The biggest change is that Raid armor will now include Raid specific perks.

These perks will retroactively apply to any armor you may already have obtained, and will include things like “While on the Leviathan, your Solar abilities do 25% more damage.” The idea behind these general perks is to not get stuck in a situation where armor is only useful for specific encounters.

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