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Vera of Beori is formidable with the battle-axe and has a voluptuous milky-pale body and perfect buxom breasts.

Mia of Zeng barters her smooth Elven pussy to a brigand in exchange for artifacts. If you’re an aficionado of both the fantasy genre and attractive nude women, Bare Maidens is a must-see.

If you love fantasy games and beautiful women, going through all these photo and film scenes is a blast. Ipia of Anbolog, Rogue of the Forest, wields the magical dagger Moon Flame and has a beautiful lithe silhouette and small perky tits.

Sadielynn the lovely Elf Shaman must extract a warrior’s semen for one of her potions.

I'll also assume you've concluded that much of it is contrived and boring.

Yup, there's a vast ocean of mass-produced cookie-cutter porn out there and it's easy to find oneself adrift... Stuff that engages your brain as well as your naughty bits. All described with in-depth reviews that give you a detailed picture of what you can expect to find inside.

Just a long column divided into each couples’ section – each displays the couple’s name with a medium-sized picture, a link to each video, and keyhole icons that bring up thumbnails of the videos. And these truly are “real” amateur couples – all appear in their 20s and are attractive but natural-looking people who look like they could be your neighbors down the street.

There are a plethora of staged “homemade porn” sites out there that offer POV ‘sex tapes’ really performed by professional actors, but it’s pretty obvious that the couples on Sell Your Sex Tape are the real deal.

Intelli Smut aims to cut through all that and introduce you to the hidden gems - the smartest, most original, and hottest erotica/porn/whatever-you-call-it on the net. November 7, 2012 Do you roll polyhedral dice in your spare time?


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