Dating advice waiting game

· How often do you sit hoping he’s going to ask for a second date?· How many days have you let slip by wanting him to realise that you’re there for him when he’s ready?This gives your POWER and CONTROL back when you need it.

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His answer was simple: He just got working on HIS NEXT movie.

After a day of moping and worrying and trying to take his mind off the upcoming phone call, he went ahead and BLAZED through his next film script (which has now been made and released this year). He had a new movie to be excited about within less than a week and had much less worry over the project he was waiting to hear back from. Because it applies to so many areas of life when you feel controlled by others. Think about those moments your love life leaves you waiting in limbo: · How many times do you get stuck waiting for some guy to make a decision, or to tell you where you stand in his affections?

Sign up and commit yourself to an improving activity, or do a Kevin Smith and sit down and start writing your next big project.

Do anything that gives you a sense that you OWN your destiny.

He was talking about the moment when he had just handed in the script for his new movie , and was waiting for the studio executives to give him the green light and financially back him to make the film.

It’s that ‘on-hold’ period of utter torment, like those excruciating weeks when you sit around waiting for college application results.Seriously though, this is a quality move in the social media exchange.I'd wait until date number two, but at the end of the day, this is like a 30 yard pass -- you're not throwing the Hail Mary, but you ain't rushing for a yard either. Instantly find out your mutual friends, biographical snippets and who they're supporting in the election. It takes bravery, humility and of course, the nonchalance of a pro. Your personal network is vital, and opening it up is a big step.I'd say on the fringe of date number three, this is a solid play. All of the reward in the world, yet all of the risk if used improperly. If Snapchat is the Ferrari, Linked In is the minivan.Snapchat is pretty much the Ferrari of social media dating. We recommend this particular social media exchange to occur pre-Sunday brunch. No, it's not the sexiest network in the world, but damn, is it making a statement about your direction with the relationship.· How often do you hold off on making plans as you just hope that guy will text you asking you what you’re up to this weekend/evening? From now on, whenever you feel like someone has control over your destiny and your placed in the recipient ‘waiter’ role, act like you have something better to be doing.


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