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The event that came to mind was when my youngest, darling Ms. I had spent twelve hours in labor and was really proud of myself for my counting abilities. The doctor took one look and told him to wait outside. Mini D’s birth, however, was splendid by comparison. Euphoria also caused my husband to say just moments after Ms. There’s something seductive and addicting to the euphoric state. I held my breath every time he backed the car out of the driveway. The Ferragamos are the most comfortable, softest sandals I’ve ever worn.I was counting to a song which vanished from my memory as soon as she squirted out. Mini D was placed on my stomach, “Let’s do this again! The leather is soft like cool butter, and even though there is a bit of a heel involved, it’s not hard to stay atop them.She’s young and flighty but that doesn’t mean the guy deserved it. Parental approval is the kiss of death for these guys. They are moving a classroom from one store location to another one in the same mall. This is because the West Coast is a long drive away. Now I can’t remember a movie I saw three weeks ago, . Demonic Junior, emailed me three weeks ago on a Friday afternoon and announced he was getting married the following Tuesday. To bring some of you clueless about the Demonic household up to speed, Mr. is recently turned 22 and has recently graduated from a chi-chi music conservatory (where he was the recipient of the President’s Scholarship and was also on the Dean’s List) with a degree in piano performance. However, the previous 17 years of education have left him with a bitter aftertaste when it comes to academics. Fast forward a hundred thousand miles, four years and several pots of coffee later: the car is beginning to show its age. Mix all of these wonderful characteristics together and you have a person taking his driving life into his own hands. For me, walking two miles to a gas station that one time cured me. I sometimes buy shoes just because they are architecturally superior and sometimes because they are works of art.

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It’s so out there, I’m thinking it’s my only hope to published stardom. I am the first to admit of my lazy, easily distracted personality. All I know is that he doesn’t ask for any and hasn’t dipped into the remainder of the college fund. Mini D, I believe – hope – pray, is learning to live within her means. I have exploded into another pants size and it’s only been a few days. I smacked it with a mallet during my jewelry class, but that’s not what’s wrong. Right now, I want to remain in the Na No zone and will write a few thousand words today. I stayed in bed until 6 a.m., and the darkness didn’t change. As some might know, I suspect I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Last year, I got a jump on it by taking my meds in early September. When faced with the prospects of writing or jumping into bed, I choose the bed more often than not, but I am trying to curb that bad habit. I could remember lyrics after hearing a song only once. tied the knot at the Courthouse in downtown San Francisco, a stunning building to be sure. I’ve even used her as the basis for one of the characters in my first novel. It’s a car that’s seen a lot of action, first with a multitude of teenagers who invariably aim straight for curbs. In fact, I’m still not finished, but I have all winter for that.

She also found a team sport that keeps her out of trouble. *doing happy dance*) We spent a quiet Thanksgiving with our manager. I have De Quervain syndrome which is probably related to jewelry and the prolonged typing I’ve been doing lately. I will also visit blog friends who probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth. On the positive news front, I am taking a class, wire wrapping jewelry. We are provided copper in the class, but if you want to upgrade to silver or gold you’re on your own. It’s on Tuesday mornings, so I have to make sure the office is covered, but the time away helps. It would mean I somehow came into a pile of money and could afford to live there. I would sit through college classes and not take a note. Every day he sets up a list of things to do in handwriting that resembles chickens scratching at feed. I used to think it was foolhardy, but now I know he’s just trying to keep it together. Basically, they did what his father and I did, but for different reasons. D says to me one day, “Let’s get married, but I don’t want a big wedding.” to which I reply, “I’ll go along with that, but only if a get a substantial diamond to make up for the lack of party.” So yeah, it wasn’t exactly like that. At 80,000 miles, he coopted the car and started driving it himself. My one guilty pleasure came when I went to my favorite discount store, Nordstrom Rack. I feel like I’m hitting the lottery when I shop at the Rack. I didn’t need anything in particular, but I’m getting to the age where I don’t need much these days. These weren’t just regular marked down shoes, these were Ferragamo slides.

The big box warehouse club is famous for such yummies as angel food cake, quart boxes of strawberries, damned good carrot cake, baklava (during the fall) and other fattening wonders has come up with a new dessert. Four come to a box, and each is big enough to split. Forty-five seconds in the microwave, a dollop of ice cream, and folks, it’s as close to heaven as a person can get on earth. The advent of molten lava cakes is laying waste my plans on slimming down.

I wasn’t hoping for swimsuit material, but I at least wanted to fit into my skinny clothes.

Since the biscuit explosion (where I almost lost an eye), whenever we have biscuits (usually with soup or stew), I must enlist Mr. It is at this point that I’m going to refer to him by his new name, The Mohawk Boyfriend. This is because there is no parking near the Conservatory. I then had to run the five blocks in dressy clothes and high heels against a fairly strong wind coming in from the ocean. The other was a person I’ve known online since 1997.

That’s because just before he left California, he decided to get a Mohawk haircut. Lest you think this kid is Goth or some sort of aberrant creep, I will reassure you that he’s far from it. He matches my daughter in verbal decibels which is a good thing. He also seems to be quite intelligent, even though his speech is peppered with California-isms like “gnarly.” He ate everything I put before him, including brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus. This lot is underground, so it took a while to find my way to street level and a return of orientation. We are in a “loop” that sprung from a Beanie Baby chatroom.I can hardly believe it has been three years since I posted as Pandemonic. You always have to worry about stepping on someone’s toes. D called around and learned that since the car was titled in the business name, he couldn’t take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program. Filed under: family, fear and loathing, in the rough, life, ramblings, rants, women | Tagged: cars, clunkers, family, mr demonic, old cars | 5 Comments » I just realized that I hadn’t visited Word Press for awhile, but I was amazed to find out after just logging in today that it’s been over a month! There’s much news and no time to devote to sharing it. It’s hot here, summer came up and over us in about two days time.However, lest you think I have been lazy, incarcerated, or perhaps both, my real life person has been busy writing novels. If you can say one thing about the modern man, most of us are too sensitive to take a joke, and too closed minded to look at things from varying perspectives. I cannot be the kind of mother-in-law my last one was. I expected as much from her as I was giving and it wasn’t going to happen. For those of you who wish to follow my escapades, send me a quick note at the end of this entry and I will send you an email with links to what I’ve been doing. The best thing is that I’ve been writing, usually for an hour or two every day. Really, it’s not too hot, but the humidity is horrible.Other than that, we are hunkering down in the Tundra for another long winter. (You must know I was taking my shower, because many times I sing and few times I think. There’s something about a red rose hand delivered in a raging snowstorm that sticks in the memory banks. D Jr house these days, he and the wife being married and all. Either Will Smith or the movie was unforgettable or I’m going nuts. (Motherly input here: if anyone deserves a year off, that would be .) In the ensuing months, Mr. In the meantime, he’s been doing some gigs here and there. His fascination with them began long ago, at age 7 when he discovered the Chopin funeral march. Hint: you don’t want to set your purse on the floor. D decides to take it on numerous cross country journeys. He was going to see clear to the end of the relationship. I was afraid to get in it to go for a quick run to the grocery store. That’s because even though I’m the wife, I think it’s ridiculous in the modern age to run out of gas. The clothes sucked then, but the shoes were to die for.There’s something about the scent of sandalwood that causes my mind to synapse.) One thing I thought of was euphoria. was born by emergency C-section meaning I was heavily drugged and missed the entire show. D also missed the birth of D Jr, because as he was getting ready and putting on his scrubs to go into the operating room all pristine and pure, he put the hat on his feet and his footie on his head. I can see why some people fall in love with being in love. (Boy, does that feel funny to call her “the wife.” That’s what my husband used to call me. He likes the dark Russian pieces evocative of depression and angst. Demonic of his son’s funeral gig, he laughed and said Junior should print up business cards and hand them out to local funeral homes. He motors to the Twin Cities, to Kansas City, and to Nashville, in addition to driving it back and forth across our Rust Belt state several times a week. Three months ago, as the odometer edged nearer to the 250K mark, Mr. Then he started to run out of gas on a regular basis. Gas stations are like fast food joints, there’s one on every street corner. I would never pay 0 for a pair of shoes, but I can see why people do.The croissants are to die for, and sample weekend is enough so that I don’t have to make lunch on Saturdays.


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