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In the dialog box that then appears, i chose to use the Report Wizard and selected all the fields from the Data Set.Interestingly enough, at this point i saved my work and closed Visual Studio.

Item Details Data Table item Details Data Table = requested Item Details Data Set. For each item (if any) in 'solution Card Dictionary' // add it to the Data Set foreach (var card in solution Card Dictionary) //3. Add the IP Extension Licence Cost if (ip Extensions Licences Number And Cost ! Add the Mobile Extension Licence Cost if (mobile Extensions Licence Cost 0) var query = from i in requested Item Details Data Set. Show Dialog(); //********************************************** //********************************************** Let’s run the application with the following inputs: 16 Analog Trunks, 20 Digital Extensions, 7 Analog Extensions, 5 Vodacom Sim Cards, 3 Cell C Sim Cards, 5 DP1 phones, 4 ANP phones, the TMS and Voicemail.

Add the telephones if (telephone Selection Configurations Dictionary ! The output could look something like the following: Ok, now let’s replace the Data Grid View control with a ’ (i.e. Let’s add a Crystal Report to the project (by right-clicking the project name and using the ‘Add | New Item…’ method, like we did before).

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The exercises below will all be done in the main project ().

We will store the requested items in a Data Set which will then be the Data Source for our Data Grid View control (and also, later, for the Crystal Report).Post your questions in this thread or make a new thread!I will no longer be replying to PMs about this information! All that we need to do now is to display what the customer requested, in a quotation.But let’s start by simply displaying the stuff using a Data Grid View control, then we’ll use Crystal Reports.Let’s create a strongly-typed dataset by following these steps: //********************************************** //Place the requested items in the Data Set //********************************************** //1.


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