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I have spent hours upon hours, even days researching, testing, and validating the information you are about to read over.This guide meant to help anyone with a SSD/HDD install and optimize their Windows 7 installation.Let’s create a strongly-typed dataset by following these steps: //********************************************** //Place the requested items in the Data Set //********************************************** //1.

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If you have any personal questions/offers/requests then feel free to PM me.

I originally made this for myself, family and friends, but since most of the guides here are getting out if date and are lacking information I decided to share it here.

Item Details Data Table item Details Data Table = requested Item Details Data Set. For each item (if any) in 'solution Card Dictionary' // add it to the Data Set foreach (var card in solution Card Dictionary) //3. Add the IP Extension Licence Cost if (ip Extensions Licences Number And Cost ! Add the Mobile Extension Licence Cost if (mobile Extensions Licence Cost 0) var query = from i in requested Item Details Data Set. Show Dialog(); //********************************************** //********************************************** Let’s run the application with the following inputs: 16 Analog Trunks, 20 Digital Extensions, 7 Analog Extensions, 5 Vodacom Sim Cards, 3 Cell C Sim Cards, 5 DP1 phones, 4 ANP phones, the TMS and Voicemail.

Add the telephones if (telephone Selection Configurations Dictionary ! The output could look something like the following: Ok, now let’s replace the Data Grid View control with a ’ (i.e. Let’s add a Crystal Report to the project (by right-clicking the project name and using the ‘Add | New Item…’ method, like we did before).

You can disable blank password restrictions by using a policy. The default 1MB offset made my Windows 7 and 4MB (4096KB) is fine.

To locate and change this policy: Click on Start and then enter the following command in the search box: netplwiz Press the ENTER key. However, if you somehow set it manually to something that is odd, then you can have decreased performance.

I guarantee you will have learned something new after reading this thread.

Furthermore, I will constantly update this guide for everyone's benefit.

If you have any problem or question on the guide, windows, storage, firmware, drivers, whatever please do not hesitate to ask in this thread! 72309-How-to-switch-to-RAID-0-without-reinstalling! If your blocks and pages arent aligned then your will have reduced performance and possibly hurt your SSD's lifespan.


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