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This blog below gives you the opportunity to share and discuss your feelings in a safe environment.Feel free to share what you wish about your own experiences but please note that anything that raises a safe-guarding or confidentiality concern may be removed, and we cannot guarantee the quality or appropriateness of responses.

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Breeze to heal me from Herpes and Adenomiosis with the use of his powerful miracle herbs, I have been in this illness for more than five years now and I have tried all possible best I can to get cured but nothing is working out, I have spent alot of money but nothing is still coming out, on one blessed morning, when listening to News in the TV set, I saw a man givin…

read the full post I read some testimonies about a love spell caster by Dr.

He’s smart, kind, good looking and should be enjoying his life.

Instead for the last 20 years he’s been using cannabis (high strength) on a daily basis and in recent years Crystal meth and ghb too. read the full post Hi, Ive been with my partner for 14 years now, we have two children together (7 &8) and 3 from previous relationships.

I have in the past found alcohol hidden in this area as well…

read the full post I've always thought I was Ok, and now that I'm older I realised I've never reallynspoke out because people are quick to judge.

When I was younger my dad became a alcoholic and because of this my parents started go sell cannabis, my dad stopped drinking then I at the time called it crushed tablets amphetamineis it's really name, found out my dad took it, I remember sobbing, a few years later I foun…

read the full post My brother turned 40 earlier this year.

He continually broke the house rules, disregarded his school work, stole from us and his siblings, got suspended from school etc etc. recently she had her 13 year old taken of her when he tried to hang himself.


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  2. If you don’t have a dog, perhaps you can borrow one from a friend.

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