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I would appreciate hearing of other memorial sites.Life magazine Unknown Man with Flattop Anakin Skywalker -- lego piece The Flattop Cut -- How to Cut Hair -- videos 198 Barber Shop, Laurel, MD.Wikipedia on flattops Chris Parker and me, with our flat-tops; Christmas 1991.

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They get the coolest low-maintenance haircuts known to man.

Rob Calloway Rob Calloway in Australia Rob and his son Chase -- shaking-out before the championships.

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See him here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

GI Joe, Canada -- several action figures have flat tops Sigma 6 -- Duke -- GI Joe cartoon character GI Joe, USAF air police GI Joe -- classic re-issue with flattop GI Joe -- Australian GI Joe, "Hawk" Duke from GI Joe, also here.

Scout out the right barber shop and you can score a flat top for just .

As you can see, her flattop seems to have become an icon for artists.

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Students of quantum physics understand that before Professor Heisenberg was observed and his photo taken, he both did and did not have a better flattop.

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