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( A recipe for this will follow) Purist would argue that the flavor of the meat comes from the wood chips, so no need to fuss with the barbecue sauce.

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This is an article from a blog I read called My Recipes.

I sort of doubt they are all their recipes, but that is the name.

And once you master how to prepare these cuts, every week can be beef week.

Tri-Tip The tri-tip, is an auspicious, triangle-shaped cut of beef that comes from bottom portion of the sirloin.

It tends to be cut and sold in roughly 1-inch chunks, making it easy jump right into the recipe.

If preparing on the stovetop, the meat usually takes 1-2 hours of gentle simmering to become tender, and longer if you’re using the slow cooker.Always remember to bast as you cook, as this cut tends to dry out quickly if you don’t.Cube steak is another classic, all-to-familiar cuts many of us remember from childhood, but forget to buy as an adult.This works well in that Instant Pot you are starting to think about buying.Chuck- Eye Steaks Chuck Eye Steaks come from the same chuck primal section of a cow as the chuck roast, and is commonly known as Chuck Delmonico or the poor man’s steak given its affordability.The tri-tip tends to be juicy with a fatty exterior which forms a beautiful crust when smoked or grilled for about 40 minutes over red oak wood.

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