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As one high school girl explained: “My parents will kind of joke about it. They wouldn’t actually get mad about it since it’s unlimited.” Who are teens texting?

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Older teens text more than younger ones: Teens ages 12-13 who text send and receive 20 texts a day, while high school-age teens typically send and receive 60 text messages a day.

Older girls are the most active texters, with 14-17 year-old girls typically sending and receiving 100 text messages a day, or more than 3000 texts a month.

Significant others are also major daily texting partners — 46% of teens who have a boyfriend or girlfriend send or receive texts every day with their significant other.

Teens also report texting their parents or guardians as well as their siblings.

In general, a little more than one-fifth of teens who text (22%) send and receive between 1-10 texts a day (i.e. Younger boys are the most likely to text in this manner.

At the other end of the scale, about 14% of teens send between 100-200 texts a day, or between 30 text messages a month.

Text messaging has become an increasingly important part of teens’ overall communication strategy.

A middle school boy in the focus groups enthused, “The best thing about [the cell phone] is social, texting.” Overall, 72% of all teens ages 12-17 send and receive text messages, and 88% of teens with cell phones text.

Younger teens are much more likely to say that they never send or receive text messages – 46% of 12 year-olds do not text; only 17% of 17 year-olds do not text.


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