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A cellphone number can be provided if you’d like to bypass answering security questions to retrieve an FSA ID or password.

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The NSLDS is updated according to each organization’s loan reporting schedule.

Some report monthly, and many report data more frequently.

“It’s a helpful tool, and so often as humans, we’re inclined to denial or procrastination,” says Melinda Opperman, executive vice president with, a nonprofit organization focused on personal finance education.

“By ignoring that tool, you could have a problem compounding.

The NSLDS only provides information about federal loan programs, so you will not see details about private loans.

To get that information, you’ll need to contact your private loan’s servicer or your school’s financial aid department.You also can review your credit report (you are entitled to one free credit report annually) to find the information.Even with these gaps in information, the NSLDS is a great place to start when you’re not sure whom to contact with student loan questions or when you’re trying to get on top of your loan payments.Loans are often granted on an annual basis, and by the time you graduate, it’s easy to lose track of your total borrowing.What’s more, holders of federal loans get a short reprieve from repayment after graduation — up to six or nine months, depending on the loan time — making it can be easy to forget that you’ve got money due.You do not have to enter loan information, as agencies that issued your federal grants and loans will be responsible for reporting information to the NSLDS.


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