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If you meet someone online, chances are you'll break up online.

Where you live will impact your online dating experience simply because certain locations have more active users.

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Each week at The Well, we dive deep into relevant, thought-provoking topics that challenge us to grow in our faith, and help us work through our doubts.

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Now, I know what most of you are thinking, look here, I can read the single girls’ minds.

I’m going to debunk the myth that there are no good single guys and I’m going to prove it to you right now.

” There’s no good guys, everyone thinks this, “we have tons of great girls but not enough good guys.” This isn’t just here, this is in other churches that I go to.

Okay, on to our topic for today….”Rebels with a cause.” Last week we looked at the guys and what the guys need to do to get inshape and today we’re going to look at what the girls need to do to get in shape and to prepare themselves for the most important relationship in their life which is the marriage relationship.

I am looking for someone to hook up with and marry.

Today, 27% of young adults report using online dating sites, which is up 10% from 2013, likely due to the influx of dating apps on smartphones.

I know that sometimes questions have been coming up as you’re sitting there and people have told me, “I wanted to ask you a question, but I didn’t want to raise my hand and all that kinda stuff.” So we want to give you a chance to ask your questions because at the end of this series we’re going to have one session dedicated entirely to the questions that you had.


  1. Btw did none of you bitches have gym class as kids?

  2. Toys are a staple of any hot session and users can even turn on their own webcams so that the girls can enjoy a show of their own.

  3. (It worked and I don’t even care that it probably wasn’t true). Though perhaps that shouldn’t be attempted as a first line either.

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