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While it was no secret that Wozniacki was dating the current San Antonio Spurs star, David Lee, the duo preferred to keep their relationship under the radar.

They have been linked since 2015, when the former Knicks player was spotted at Wozniacki’s tennis game, but refused to speak about their relationship publicly until Valentine’s Day 2017.

Recently, the Danish stunner shared a picture of the attractive couple with only emojis and no caption, revealing that she truly has happily moved on from her golfer ex, Rory Mc Ilroy.

Wozniacki’s exploits on and off the tennis court have been well-documented by her millions of fans on social media.

Spurs forward David Lee and tennis player Caroline Wozniacki have hung out together at various junctures dating back to last July, and dating rumors really started to heat up when she thanked him for buying her Valentine’s Day flowers in her Instagram story.

In the latest news, Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has advanced to the semifinals of the Miami Open.

After her much-publicized breakup from former golfer fiancé, Rory Mc Ilroy, Wozniacki has been busy focusing on her career, but new reports say that she has a new man in her life!

Here is everything you need to know about David Lee, Caroline Wozniacki’s boyfriend in 2017, as well as Caroline Wozniacki’s dating timeline, which includes a string of high-profile relationships with fellow athletes.

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