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An Identity Theft Report helps you fix any false accounts or transactions an identity thief might have made in your name.

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For example: MFCIB93 seems like a bunch of gibberish but is easily translated into: My Favorite Color Is Blue and the numbers could refer to anything, like your birth year. Equifax: 1-800-525-6285 Experian: 1-800-397-3742 Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289 The fraud alert will make it hard for any identity theft to make any more transactions using your information.

If you are suspicious of an identity thief using your account, you can put a fraud alert on your credit report by contacting one of these three credit reporting companies (U. The alert lasts for at least 90 days and if need be, you can create an Identity Theft Report.

Everyone should know how to be safe when surfing the web, but internet safety tips and tricks are spread out all over the web without a go-to resource.

Since the majority of internet scam and virus victims are students and young people, Open Colleges is a perfect place to post the very first full guide to being safe on the internet.

In reality, your entire educational career is founded on some form of plagiarism.

All of your research papers and presentation involve information that you learned from somewhere else.Matt took a picture of him with his cell phone camera.Within seconds, the picture was flying around the phones at school.Phisher emails usually aren't personalized, meaning they generally don't contain your name or other information.It's possible that they can be personalized, though, so if you are unsure of any email make sure to call the bank or company to be sure. Also, you should email the company or bank that is being impersonated in the email, if that's the case.You can find the FTC Affidavit on the website above or, if you called the phone number, you can ask the FTC representative how to get a copy of it.


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