Concept of dating

Coercion: Threatening to find someone else if the dating partner doesn't comply with the abuser's wishes or demands.

Threats to harm self or others if the dating partner leaves.

Of course, if you don’t feel like nailing down and starting a family, you may just remain single or have random sexual encounters from time to time.

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If it sounds boring to you, we 100% agree with you.

Not that romance is essential to the relationship development… We just text each other on social media and arrange dates.

You don’t need to be a professional psychologist to point out that this is a result of being afraid of commitment and responsibility.

Because, being unchangeably chauvinistic, humans always fight what they see as a threat to their freedom and rights. Don’t let yourself be fooled: women have been deprived of their rights for far too long and their attempts to turn this situation around are totally reasonable. Being too enthusiastic about this “I-am-a-woman-and-I-rule” thing, young girls at times decide to abandon the dating scene for good. Modern females just don’t date men because assume that the latters don’t deserve to be treated nicely. It’s a great example of the edgy moment when something great and progressive when treated with obsession turns into something destructive and useless.

You can talk about friends who are annoying you, family members you actually hate, and boys who are driving you crazy (unless, of course, the boy driving you crazy also happens to work with you, which should probably have it's own article for itself).

The reason is because your coworkers don't know your non-work friends, your family, or the boys you're involved with.But the most important thing about this overly influential generation is that they change the way we see human relationships. Adolescents and young adults always divide into two huge groups – the ones that appreciate and highly value relationships and anything they find appropriate to call “a family”, and the others that prefer staying by themselves.Basically, they avoid being committed by any means simultaneously avoiding any kind of responsibility.Emotional: Humiliating the victim in front of friends or making the victim feel guilty when she confronts the abuser about the abuse.Intimidation: Making the victim fearful by using threatening behavior, abuse of animals, verbal aggression or destruction of property.It doesn’t always match their inner perception of dating and relationships but they ought to follow the rules they chose for themselves. Yeah, this concept makes total sense and it’s 100% not made up of nothing. Deriving from the aforementioned fear of commitment, casual dating (or “casual relationships”, if you will) is by far the most popular dating concept among youngsters. But the most important part is that the millennials prefer to leave everything unidentified.

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