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describing a strategy) Other: specific to the simulation (e.g.moving tokens on a board game) High Complexity: participants are faced with a large number of decisions, with new decisions which can be introduced during the simulation.Simulation and Gaming refers to a series of instructional designs that use elements from simulation and gaming.

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Simulation and gaming is particular popular in business education.

According to Hall (2011), “"Total enterprise" simulations or management or business games.

Participants can influence the simulation results of other participants.

Communication tools such as chat rooms or forums are present Low Interaction: simulation results are calculated by the simulation instructor, there is little to no interaction between the simulation participants. budget allocation or selecting a price) Qualitative: through scorecards or answer sheets (e.g.

In a meta-analysis study covering instructional models used in simulation-based education in the medical field (2013, Cook, Hamstra et al.) several best practices for simulation-based education have been identified: range of difficulty, repetitive practice, distributed practice, cognitive interactivity, multiple learning strategies, individualized learning, mastery learning, feedback, longer time, and clinical variation.

It is widely accepted that simulations should be developed once a well defined learning or training need has been identified.

The rise in the quantity of data made available to marketing managers cannot easily indicate what is the best course of action (Wierenga, 2011).

Typical activities associated with using a digital marketing simulation can include: identifying online consumer groups, producing digital content such as text or images, creating websites, using the simulation to create advertising campaigns (e.g.

A study carried out by Faria and Wellington in 2004 revealed that 64.1% of 1,085 faculty members surveyed in American Universities were using games with a focus on marketing Here we describe simulations which cover the practice of Digital Marketing (not to be confused with marketing simulations which unfold in a digital environment) The internet can be described as an environment in which competition is intense, growth is rapid, innovation is abundant and the technological options are increasingly complex (Pagani and Otto, 2013).

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