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Hand out flyers, research it more, get involved at a women’s shelter in your community, help people know more about teen dating violence so they can help someone who could be in an abusive relationship.

February is Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month, so it’s important we talk about not only what teen dating violence is, but how people can get involved in prevention.

Note: This is not something we as a society should only spend a month focusing on; it deserves constant prevention efforts and attention.

The videos can be shown together or separately to be incorporated into specific lessons or curriculums.

This video series was made possible thanks to a generous contribution from Proskauer Rose LLP.

Try talking to the person who you think is being hurt, offer your help.

Help that person find counseling resources or a way out of an abusive relationship.Also be aware of symptoms of depression or anxiety, as these are often a result of dating violence.Finding warning signs is a great start, but ignoring them will not help solve the problem.It is important to remember, recognize and prevent other forms of violence as well.Here are 5 ways you can bring awareness to and prevent teen dating violence: If you notice someone around you is starting to have multiple injuries, a drop in grades or motivation or loss of interest in hobbies this could be a result of dating violence.When it comes to analyzing a country’s economic status or a market’s scope, teenagers have been recognized as an important demographic group for a long time now, with their spending habits, their working life and their interests and leisure activities monitored, dissected and analyzed. youth is looking at a pretty stable set-up: Despite a few hiccups, the U. youth unemployment rate has been decreasing over the last decade, and employment prospects are better than in many other economically stable countries.


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