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That’s when we came to know about Joysale Classified script provided by Hitasoft.

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We have built a Carousell Clone Script – Joysale which is a leading Classified ads script to provide a platform for sellers and buyers to post their preloved items, rare finds, collectors’ items, etc.

Buy and sell concepts are rocking the online world, even used goods and products can sell or buy easily with Joysale clone script.

Admin or the business owner gets a complete overview of everyday business by logging in the admin panel.

Get the fine details of every aspect of your business like sales, revenue, vendor performance, best selling products etc. The technologies like Cake Php, Braintree for adaptive marketplace payments, Mailchimp API for transactional emails, FCM for advanced Push services.

Admin may earn commission on each order without investing in inventory and earn commissions effortlessly on each sale.

Joysale script provides Google Adsense as an additional revenue factor where any seller may promote his product by advertising in the banners by requesting admin.

This comes with 99% open source which allows editing the script possible.

This package does not include any native mobile apps and does not comes with upgrade option to mobile apps later.

So, Finally we got in touch with the team and asked for our requirements and they have delivered all my requirements on time.


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