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The team has extensive experience in the collection and analysis of sediments, floodplain deposits and soils for lead-210/caesium-137 dating as well as the radiochemical separation and counting required for uranium/thorium dating.- The centre houses a Malvern Mastersizer 2000 laser diffraction spectrophotometer for determining grain size distribution in the range of 0.01 to 2000 µm.Contact: Lida Mokhber-Shahin Low level and ultra-low level tritium quantification is also performed within the Environmental Isotope Labs (EIL); this supports studies into surface and ground water dynamics, environmental monitoring and health screening.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our research and consultancy expertise.

: 30.07 yr.) is originally absent in natureand has been produced and released by anthropogenic processes.

The Itrax can accommodate a variety of sample types including sediment and rock cores, speleothems, corals and wood (providing they are the right shape).

A sediment core splitter and a high-tech wood milling/saw machine are available at the centre for preparing the best samples for analysis by the Itrax scanner.

The laboratory is equipped with 11 HPGe gamma-ray spectrometers.

The most commonly used HPGe gamma-ray spectrometers in the laboratory are: The facility provides ANSTO projects, industry and commercial clients in the determination of natural radioactivity in environmental samples such as soil, sand, coal, vegetation and water, as well as fission product such as caesium-137, iodine-131 and sodium-24.

The GNS Science Cosmogenic Isotope and Radiochemistry Laboratory is a leader in the preparation and dating of relatively young geological materials using 10Be, 9Be, 7Be, 137Cs, 210Pb, and Th series isotopes.

Natural radioactive isotopes in geological materials provide a valuable tool for determining the time when geological events occurred.

Dedicated fridges and a freezer are available for short term storage of sediment cores to be analysed by the Itrax scanner.

- The ERMC team has developed expertise in lead-210/caesium-137 and uranium/thorium dating methods.

A Leica DC200 digital camera with a dedicated computer running Leica Image Manager is fitted and allows for immediate manipulation and management of images.


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