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NOTE: You may copy and paste the repository links below from this page into Kodi's File Manager.

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Then in Kodi simply Install from zip file, and browse to your downloaded repository.k3l3vra-1.0.1file, and add it.

When the k3l3vra repository is installed, go to Install from repository and scroll down to k3l3vra Video Add-ons and select Stream All The Sources.

Linux users will have a better idea of what repositories are.

Repositories are basically where all the software (Add-ons) for Kodi are.

Also has F_50ci3ty (optional) Add this, then in Addon repository section of the Xv BMC repo, add the TKNorris Release Repo.

This should provide the Exodus Repository needed to install the newly 3rd party released and (hopefu;lly) maintained Exodus.

NOTE: If XXX Adult content is desired, then also add: xxx-repository.xbmcadult.x.x.or repository.whitecream.x.x.Also available, are older repositories, that are otherwise no longer available.

Install from zip" in Kodi Most of the links provided below, are from the OFFICIAL developer, of the repos and add-ons, and the actual source you were using before, from these repos.

For the direct developers source to the k3l3vra repository CLICK HEREThen download the latest k3l3vra repo zip file to your computers hard drive.

Then using Install from zip, in Kodi, browse to the file you downloaded, and install it.

This guide will attempt to briefly provide anyone interested in creating a media center capable of delivering virtually any media available online, free or paid, as well as playing any media collection you already have. Kodi is better than the paid media centers I have experienced, and well worth the time and effort it takes to set it up.

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