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Bryan stayed at home with his mom and dad, but lately he had been studying abroad for college.

In the last four years, they never met because Bryan studied during the summers, while Anne went home only during the vacation.

“Anne, dear, I just got a phone call from one of my clients, and they said that I’m urgently needed to visit a site in Ohio.

She wore red lipstick and thick mascara, and wore nothing more than a skimpy yellow summer dress. The eighteen-year-old beauty smiled widely and rushed to hug her mother. His step sis was absolutely beautiful, in a delicate way but was also dangerous.

She barely noticed Bryan on the sofa, which surprised him a little. She was slender, with a pale white skin that looked soft and gentle to the touch.

Fighting with his conscience and doubts, Bryan finds a way to be with his step sis by teasing her in the camera. Bryan wiped the sweat off his forehead, fixing the strands of his moist blonde hair. She had a slim figure and a beautiful face that made her look only thirty. They both had a rare, easy charm on them that almost instantly attracts the opposite sex.

He sat on a sofa in the living room, fidgeting, waiting for the long minutes to pass. Her hair was a golden blonde, like her son’s, and she had hazel eyes that stood out in her face. In Bryan’s university abroad, many girls would offer anything just to spend a night with him.

At first, Bryan hesitated to be at home with his sister, since they weren’t very good friends back when they were kids.

But now, Bryan realizes that they both have changed.He was reluctant to touch her back and embrace her properly, but Anne’s fingers were soon rubbing his back, gently. “I’m sorry honey, but Sally’s still renting the other room and won’t be out in a few days. Anne said, “Would you like us to share rooms, just like the old times? She had lived in this room for years anyway, and she had shared it with Bryan for years too, until she turned twelve and moved to another room.In one stroke, Anne rubbed a little too far down, almost touching the cheeks of Bryan’s firm ass. While she was hanging the last of her clothes, her mom knocked on the door.After four years, Bryan is going to meet his stepsister once again.They’re both going to stay in his parents’ house for the summer.Suddenly, the door of the living room flung open, and both eyes turned to glance at the slim figure who opened it.


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