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Heroku will also occasionally deprecate old versions of our infrastructure (Legacy Infrastructure).We typically do this if the operating system running beneath the database will no longer receive security update, if support for the OS is no longer practical due to age (if required packages and patches are no longer available or difficult to support), or if the server instances are significantly different from our current infrastructure and are impractical to support.done $ heroku addons:detach HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_BRONZE --app sushi Detaching HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_BRONZE to postgresql-addon-name from sushi...

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Long-running queries and transactions can cause problems with bloat that prevent auto vacuuming and causes followers to lag behind.

They also create locks on your data which can prevent other transactions from running.

for sushi:: HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_MAROON_URL available for one month after creation on 2014-07-03 .868968 00 GREEN: Connection Count GREEN: Long Queries GREEN: Idle in Transaction GREEN: Indexes GREEN: Bloat GREEN: Hit Rate GREEN: Blocking Queries GREEN: Load GREEN: Sequences Each Postgres connection requires memory and database plans have a limit on the number of connections they can accept.

If you are using too many connections you may want to consider using a connection pooler such as Pg Bouncer or migrating to a larger plan with more RAM.

Never Used Indexes have not been used (since the last manual database statistics refresh).

These indexes are typically safe to drop, unless they are in use on a follower.Low Scans, High Writes indexes are used, but infrequently relative to their write volume.Indexes are updated on every write, so are especially costly on a high write table.If your app’s requirements eventually outgrow the resources provided by the initial plan you select, you can easily upgrade your database.Heroku recommends using the At this point an empty Postgre SQL database is provisioned.This automatic migration requires database and application downtime.

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