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My name is Kyle Tim Scranton, I am fifteen years old, and my life is fucked up. I could smell his balls wet with the spilled spit and ass slime. I opened and closed my mouth trying to gulp down air as my body jerked and twitched on the living room floor. Jake wasn't happy until only about a fourth of an inch of the base of the bottle was sticking out of my grotesquely stretched asshole. " He laughed, sitting down on the carpet and relaxing. 'Yeah, he is one sick faggot all right," Skeeter agreed as he pumped a brand new hard-on. I am a good-looking kid, so they tell me, with an attractive, muscular body for a boy my age. I mean jerking your own prick with your hand can't compare with stuffing it into delightfully tight pussy. His dick was leaking, and when it whapped me in the face, it left pecker tracks across my nose and cheek. " Skeeter shouted, bucking up his hips so that eight inches of teen prick waved in the air. I felt the cockhead slide between my lips, and the prick wedge its way down into my throat. I lay on the floor like a wounded bird, my hands slapping ineffectively at the bottle wedged up my ass. "I…I think I need a doctor…" I moaned through the excruciating pain. Each time I lifted a foot, new pain shot through me. Well, the loneliness I felt, led me to try even harder to make new friends at my new school. I was choking on the river of cum coating my tongue and throat as it flowed to my gullet. For almost ten minutes he and Ted kicked and punched me while Skeeter lay on the couch drooling after cum all over my ma's furniture. If you don't think the pain was gut-wrenching, you have another think coming.

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Not too beefy, but toned and good-looking from swimming since I was in sixth grade. At first, I talked every day with my girlfriend on the phone, but after a few months, I knew we were drifting apart. You may think fifteen was too young for a guy to fuck, but shit, all the kids in my class were doing it. Jake pushed my face down into Skeeter's prick bush and at the same time the young jock I was sucking fucked up into my face. "No, you need to do your exercises." "But…but..was my exercises." Jake laughed again. Now, I want you to get up and run in place for five minutes without losing that bottle out of your ass." Are such things possible? They kicked me again but without much enthusiasm this time. Like a proud member of our swim team and start to run in place." I struggled upright as the bottle shifted my insides with its unrelenting glass form. I while ran screaming in anguish as my buddies rolled on the floor with laughter.

I am an only child, and I am alone a lot, as my Mom has to travel for her job. Times are different, and kids fuck much younger now. It didn't take long before he shot gobs and gobs of jock spunk down into my stomach. I struggled to my feet to stand bent over as my gut wrenched with pain, stomach cramps shooting through me, and my ass feeling stretched and torn. There I was jogging in place bare-ass naked with my balls and dick flopping around and a beer bottle shoved up my ass.

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