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Happy holidays.'Nicki then winked and flashed her cute smile as the opening notes from her hit 2010 song Moment 4 Life featuring Drake played.The Super Bass singer added in her Instagram caption: 'Blessings & Peace. The social media video featured Nicki wearing a dress from her recent H&M holiday commercial also starring Jesse [email protected] has the best food congrats @nas.” “He’s so dope,” Minaj told De Generes. He is the King of Queens, and I’d like to think I’m the Queen of Queens.” Minaj went on to call him “a rap legend,” telling the host, “I have a lot of respect for him.

If there's one thing we look forward to every holiday season — aside from ye olde turning of fall and winter looks — it's all of the retail moments that really get us in the spirit of things.

We're talking Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday windows, and, of course, the corny-yet-cool holiday campaigns from some of our favorite retailers.

Nicki is featured in the song 5 Star on the new mixtape.

She also took to social media to promote Dedication 6.

Dedication 6 features 15 songs from Lil Wayne including collaborations with Gudda Gudda, Baby E, Euro and Hoodybaby.

Nicki also was featured in the new music video for for Farruko's Krippy Kush Remix that dropped last week.

Another pinged actor Jesse Williams, who appeared in a commercial for the brand but has yet to make a public statement. Requests for comment from Minaj and Williams’ teams weren’t immediately returned.

“@i Jesse Williams should tell us what he’s thinking about H&M right now after they shot this black little kid being ‘the coolest monkey in the jungle’.

Minaj's turn as the "Wisest Thing" is befitting, of course, seeing as she's taken on many roles in her quadruple threat-level career; we all remember Roman, right?

In addition to the festive campaign spot below, Minaj will continue her partnership with the mega-retailer, from her Met Gala get-up to a 12-piece collection inspired by her love of Japan that hits stores November 30.

While he’s announced the end of their partnership, pressure seems to be building for Nicki Minaj, who appeared in recent ads for the brand and completed collaborations, to either speak out or quit too.


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