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If your Enterprise prefers to use Microsoft Auto-Updates, it is easily enabled with a minor configuration change.The VIPRE antivirus client by Threat Track security (customers with legacy appliances only--no longer provided) can be renewed for continued virus protection with the latest definition updates after the 1st year..In almost all these cases, good administrator account deprovisioning policies would have saved the organization.

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The risk assessment provides a baseline for implementing security plans to protect assets against various threats.

There are three basic questions one needs to ask in order to improve the security of a system: You cannot protect your assets if you do not know what to protect against.

The policies outlined in this paper are merely guidelines.

Each organization is different and will need to plan and create policies based upon its individual security goals and needs.

It is not possible to plan for security, however, until a full risk assessment has been performed.

Security planning involves developing security policies and implementing controls to prevent computer risks from becoming reality.

Overview Risk assessment is a very important part of computer security planning.

No plan of action can be put into place before a risk assessment has been performed.

The discussion of tools and technologies in this paper is focused on features rather than technology.


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