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Cuddy is the author o The main takeaway from "Presence" is that we feel most powerful when our bodies are expansive.Think James Dean slouching in a chair, legs spread wide open, or runners after they've finished a race, their arms raised high above them, their head tilted upward, and their chest full and proud.

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Hikers might not seem like the most obvious target for an arrow from Cupid but, before you slam the door in our face, hear us out. We’re not just talking about stamina in the cheeky-cheeky sense of the word here. Hikers are usually up, about, and walking to the summit of big hills before you’ve even got out of bed in the morning and consumed your first big bowl of Coco-Pops. Your water-pipes have stopped working, the phone lines are down; your car has stopped functioning, and the nearest shop is at least 23 miles away (you live somewhere really remote). People who work hard tend to get better results and hikers, whether they’re hiking up a hill or just generally doing life-stuff, are usually pretty successful.

People who like walking on a regular basis, when you scratch away the surface and really break it down, are probably the ultimate people to “go out” with. They’ll walk here, walk there, walk everywhere; all with a smile on their face, because they really love to walk. #Ambition #Success If you don’t think hikers are stylish, you haven’t been paying attention.

Taking a stroll outside in your favorite wellies (rain boots).

Kids are invited to wear rain gear to school (or on any outing), and they take a walk around the yard while learning about the nature all around by listening to birds, observing the different leaves, singing songs, collecting rocks, and, of course, jumping in puddles – rain or shine!

We posted it because we think it’s a funny picture. We reckon down-to-earth people are the best kind of people. If you want your relationship to go-the-distance and generally don’t like the idea of it ending with the most clichéd break-up story in the book of love (the one that goes on and about them not being interested in “nice walks”), find a hiker and tie them down. It’s a break-up story as old, and as clichéd, as the one about not going for “nice walks” (see above).

They’re not highly-strung, they don’t get on your case for no god damn reason, and they’re not about making a drama where there isn’t one to be made. Heard the one about the couple who broke up because the boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t like going for walks, and just sat around playing Playstation 4 all weekend? The good thing about hikers is that they never get lost.We were just going to post a picture of some multi-pocket hiking trousers here, and be done with it. Nobody has ever looked stylish at London Fashion Week.But then we figured that was maybe a bit too spicy for an Mpora article, so have decided to mumble something about why practicality is a really important characteristic to look for in a partner instead. It’s the middle of the winter, and the heating has stopped working. The outfits at London Fashion Week don’t make people look cool. Dresses made of cling-film, hats made of tin-foil, tuxedos made of expired train tickets…it’s bullshit. They were things you can wear all-year round, in any manner of condition, in the majority of social situations (except, arguably, your wedding day).Winners will be announced on National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day, April 1st.Register a Welly Walk A welly walk is as simple as it sounds.Download the toolkit for ideas, send participants home with sponsorship forms, and/or encourage your participants to create team or individual fundraising pages online! Don’t forget to register for your chance to meet Peppa Pig and other great prizes! Please be sure to fill out the online form below if you are interested in hosting a welly walk.


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