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In a small class in a small room, with an almost incomprehensible subject, most of the guys tended to let their eyes drift over to Alice. In fact, she purposely saved her sexiest outfits of the week for the nights when she had class.

She was in grad school, hoping to get a PHD in philosophy.

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And we do that through social convention, which keeps us from doing what we want out of fear for breaking some taboo of the society.” “Say more,” said the teacher. She knew they were practically salivating at what they were seeing. She nearly yelped, but the pain subsided and all that was left was a burst of pleasure like she’d never known before. As the last guy pulled out of her tight, young asshole and came all over her back, Alice collapsed onto the floor and smiled. She was so happy, having finally conquered her fear and lived out her fantasies. She certainly couldn’t be the Catholic girl she’d been anymore. ” It was Jay, standing above her and handing her some paper towels.

Alice had her eyes focused on Jay who was staring at her intently, apparently intrigued by her response. Her teacher began to thrust in and out of her, moaning loudly, occasionally slapping her ass. ” he said, “You are the hottest little thing in the world. Ohhhh…” Just as the teacher came inside her pussy, Jay pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed his hot cum all over her face. Alice straightened up her body and stood to face him, graciously accepting the towels and wiping some of the cum from her forehead and chin.

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As the class settled into session, Alice began to try to look as seductive as possible. Alice scribbled the words “I want you – Alice” on a piece of notebook paper, folded it, and had the girl next to her in the circle pass it around until it reached Jay. ” said the professor, breaking into Alice’s thoughts. He was looking at her, waiting to hear what gem she would add to the conversation. She thought about everything she’d always denied herself and everything that she’d ever fantasized. “Everyone in this room has been wanting Alice for weeks, but no one had the guts to do something about it. But Alice here, she’s bold enough to go after what she wants. The other six guys in the class remained, as did the teacher. “I should have done this weeks ago.” The she allowed her mouth to be filled again by Jay’s rock solid cock. ” One by one the guys came forward, two and three at a time.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs slowly several times. When Jay finally received it, he opened it, looked at for two seconds, then placed it aside, resuming his enraptured attention on the class. In that moment, nothing else seemed to matter except how badly she wanted Jay to notice her, to be interested in her. “I’m not sure I know what you mean Alice,” said the teacher. And before Alice knew what she was doing, before she had time to think and to pray to Mother Mary for guidance, she found herself down on all fours, crawling on the floor across the circle to where Jay was sitting. She’s surpassed the rest of us, if you think about it.” Alice cooed at Jay’s words of praise, sucking lightly on the head of his cock. Now she was the one who was focused, keeping herself occupied with Jay to the exclusion of noticing the rest of the room. “Lift your ass up in the air,” she heard the voice of her teacher say. At some point Alice’s dress got ripped off her body so that she was completely naked.

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When she took off her long coat and revealed the dress, exposing her legs, low cut so that the tops of her breasts were visible to all, you could almost hear an audible gasp from the men in the room. And yes, we are all a bit put off by this breaking of social convention. “I’m not going to stay here for this.” She got up and walked out.

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