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The land on which the County buildings sat was not included as part of the village.

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Mineola was also a familiar place to many of the most famous pilots in history.

The Aero Club of America chose the area for the level plains.

Located at Mineola on Long Island, the unit rented and then purchased its own aircraft with funds donated by the Aero Club of America and other contributors.

It was "provisionally recognized" on June 22, 1916, and then called into federal service on July 13, 1916, during the Mexican border crisis.

Mineola's first theatre named Allen's Hall drew in many early moviegoers to see "the flickers".

Motion picture success drew in other theaters to the area, the most lavish being the Century Opera House.

Voters selected Mineola (in the Town of North Hempstead) to be the county seat for the new county of Nassau in November 1898 Mineola officially became the County Seat on July 13, 1900, as Governor Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of the Nassau County Court House.

A celebration was held to commemorate the occasion on the barren 5-acre (20,000 m) site at the corner of Old Country Road and Franklin Avenue.

Marketing firm Jana asked 1,500 18 to 30-year-olds in nine countries, pictured, where they go online when looking for a relationship.

Facebook was the most popular across the board, with Twitter coming in second and even My Space making the top three in certain regions The highest proportion of people who had met someone online was in Vietnam, at 67%, pictured, whereas only a quarter of people in Brazil said they had gone on online dates.

However, instead of active service in the southwest, it remained at Mineola training and was released from federal service on November 2, 1916.

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