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P; 1800 851 841 W: Like to meet singles that, like you, are positive, pro-active and have interesting lives?

Youll be positioned with singles you relate to and who share your outlook on life at our dinners and events.

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Established in 1991, Solos provides good value and engaging activities with opportunities for making new friends.

P: 0437 886 712 W: Melbournes Premier Dinner Club has been established since 1994.

Members are encouraged to organise club functions which are best suited to those over aged 50.

Prospective members can enjoy Dine Outs, BBQS, Theatre, Movies, Galleries, Concerts, Walks & Outings away from the city P: 03-9578-8235 Make new friends, or find a soulmate and have fun!

P: 1300 785 450 W: Australia's leading speed dating service with regular events.

You will date 10 singles your age in one night over drinks at a stylish inner-city bar.

Meet like-minded and eligible singles looking for long-term relationships.

92% success rate, confidential, CQ compatibility tests and highly specialised events.

We believe that meeting other singles is best achieved in a relaxed, natural, and enjoyable environment.

Speed Dating is a great way to have fun, learn about both yourself and others, and meet many other singles in short space of time.

We enjoy lots of varied social & interesting activities during the week and on weekends.


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