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I’m so glad I took this photo to share its splendor with you cause for now its just a memory..A combination of various hues of purple foliage plants draws attention to this planter.

As a gardener, I’ve always had a passion for designing and planting outdoor containers.

Playing around with the different color combinations and textures of plants are fun and the choices are almost endless.

and we should only do so when they feel that it would be good for us to do so.

Coudonc, j’ai vraiment une réputation d’égocentrique sur ce forum ou quoi?

Interesting, the Government will let GM & Chrysler fail, with all those Private Sector Product jobs, while pouring billions into Public Sector Dis-Service jobs, and Foreign Country Bailouts.

They can’t be that stupid, so one must assume the Government is now controlled by the enemy.

My most foolproof method is using a slow release glandular fertilizer when planting and then about 6 weeks later a liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks to give my containers an additional boost during their growing season.

I use liquid fertilizer for my heavy bloomers (like petunias), and for my vegetable, shade loving and foliage containers I use Haven Brand Manure Tea, an organic fertilizer that these plants love. Petunias do not do too well here in the heat of summer, so I use Pentas or Periwinkles.

Existen herramientas que te ofrecen esta opción pero hoy os mostramos Cómo Publicar en el Mejor Momento utilizando Facebook Insights Comentamos ahora un caso muy común de error en Social Media, el de utilizar un tono demasiado hmm.

the secret of using tarps on a sweatlodge…we should only carry forth ways of the native americans and any indiginous peoples in the exact way that THEY have taught us.

These containers definitely capture your attention from across my garden all year round.


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