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Doing nice things for yourself and having some life enjoyment that doesn't involve your kids makes you a better parent. I don't want to meet anyone and I'm never getting married again. You're saying this to protect yourself because you are afraid that you might never meet anyone. Not trying to be a jerk, but no, he or she probably won't.

Don't feel guilty if you enjoy your time without your kids.

Neither Munn nor Rodgers has commented on the breakup, though a source tells E!

News exclusively that the 36-year-old actress is "doing well" post-split.

Munn, who has been shooting in Vancouver and is based in L. Now that she's single, she "is not communicating with Aaron as much as he would like," the source says of the athlete, 33.

"She feels like distance is best at this time.""Olivia knew that the relationship was on the rocks the past few months," the source adds.

If I could just meet someone, I know my life would fall into place. Work on your life, career, kids, hobbies, yourself.

Don't be afraid to see what you didn't see back then. I don't care what other people think about me getting divorced.

If he or she is the slightest bit nice to you, you might have moments when you remember how cute he or she was. The thought of having sex with another man/woman is repulsive. When people get divorced, they are vulnerable to getting into bad relationships.

If he abused you, or if she cheated on you, yes, it probably is. They probably will, but they will still love both their parents unconditionally, and that's actually a good thing. I know how to stay away from dysfunctional relationships. Just realize what the relationship is, and DON'T MARRY THE PERSON!

The pair, who live in Sittingbourne, Kent, with their 14-year-old son, Stephen, have been together since 1996.

Kristiana, now a radiographer at Tunbridge Wells hospital, said: 'We're renewing our vows on August 17 and we both get to wear the dress this time.'It's a blessing and a celebration of the 60-odd people that are invited, saying thank you for the support as we're so thankful.'Something which could have torn us apart, actually brought us together.'Kristiana, 49, left school at 16 and spent most of her life in the Royal Navy, serving in the Gulf War, but left in the mid-90s and soon met her future wife.

Breakups are never easy, but Olivia Munn is doing her best.

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