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Holland Roden and Colton Haynes – co star in Teen Wolf – are rumored to have hooked up in October 2011.Yes, Jackson and Lydia (those are their names on the set) hang out also outside the set!

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She is mostly known for the role of Lydia Martin in the TV series Teen Wolf.

Her first appearance was made in an episode of CSI – Crime Scene, followed by three episode of the series 12 Miles of Bad Road, canceled after the first season.

Ian Bohen is in a relationship with an English actress Eliza Cummings. He is best known for his role of Peter Hale in the recurring slot of the drama series named ‘Teen Wolf’, which was featured on the television channel, MTV.

They have been dating from 2014 and is still going smoothly in the relation. Besides this, Ian has dated several gorgeous ladies which includes Sierra Love, Kallwy Jakle, Haley Webb, Holland Roden, Laysla De Oliveria, Gintare Sudziute, Adelaide Kane and Amila Ibragimova. At the current time, he is in a live-in-relationship with Eliza Cummings. Reflecting on his early life, Ian Bohen was born on September 24, 1976. There is no information available about his education background till date.

Recently she posted a sentimental throwback on her Instagram page, allowing fans to have a look back at her and Colton Haynes hanging back when they were co-stars. “To dressing up in sheet gowns and burnin the night away.I called my mom :)” Lydia Martin – a.k.a Holland Roden – managed to build a huge community of Teen Wolf fans around the globe.

The picture shows Holland and Colton at what she calls a “paint party”; the two look like they have been dancing wildly and now they are about to kiss. They have been following very carefully her “performances” on-set and off-set: Holland had the opportunity to messa round and kiss many of co-stars and in 2014 she gave fans some funny details about what’s like to kiss each one of the male characters of Teen Wolf.

However, firstly, Roden went on auditions for the character of Allison Argent, a role assigned to her colleague Crystal Reed.

After taking part in several short films, in 2012 she starred in Alejandro Daniel Calvo’s House of Dust.

First Colton Haynes, then Ian Bohen, Tyler Posey – it is just a speculation about a possible relationship with him – and Max Craver, all of them from the set of Teen Wolf. Roden is now single and she does not think about getting married, but she is happy for her friends that made this important decision.

In May 2017, Colton Haynes and his fiancèe Jeff Leatham hosted a private gathering to celebrate their engagement that was attended by the couple’s families and Colton’s ex-collegues Ian Bohen, Skyler Samules, Ally Maki and Holland Roden herself.

It seems that they loved joking about their hot relationship instead of shying away from the rumors!


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