Scorpios dating capricorns

Pisceans are very well suited to the Capricorn’s love of calmness in a partnership.

A Piscean will generally be mild mannered, loving and deeply sensitive, playing a perfect partner to the quiet, loyal and thoughtful Capricorn.

His favorite position: Expect him to take the missionary position – at least for the first few times you have sex. A Capricorn’s best partner is a Taurus, for the two are as alike in spirit as two signs can get.

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READ MORE » Known as the "eternal lovers", Libra people are considered the most loveable among all the zodiac signs.

As such, they are also peace lovers, shying away and trying to avoid any type of conflict.

He can be insecure at first and is unlikely to take the initiative until he feels comfortable.

That’s not to say he can’t be persuaded to experiment a little.

These relationships enjoy equanimity through their contrasting but complimentary natures.

Cancerians make wonderful soul mates to the Capricorn.

These two sings generally make great friends, for both crave loyalty first and foremost in a relationship and find this need met in each other.

Capricorns have an eye for art and will make a good audience to the artistic Cancer, and be the supportive, stabilizing force that the crab desires.

READ MORE » Bewitching in their ways, Pisces people are known to steal the hearts of many in an instant.

They are very sensitive and emotional, making a relationship with them an exciting roller coaster ride.

Run him a bath and give him a slow sensual massage.


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  2. As an Aquarian, you admire their tender and caring hearts.

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