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As you know, charlatan dog handler John Preston testified against Stephen Epperly.

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For the Roanoke Times, Preston said he may have followed the wrong scent trail.

As Preston – per Judge Goshorn’s skill test – could not track scent at all, Preston’s statement to the Roanoke Times signaled that he regretted participating in convicting Epperly.

I ask that you reinvestigate Gina Hall’s homicide with public safety uppermost in your mind, Lieutenant Wilburn. Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.

I am writing yet again in regards to your and your attorney-sister Heather Harvey’s apparent intent to profit with your Hazel Hollow by misleading the public about charlatan dog handler John Preston’s capabilities, as well as other dark clouds on Stephen Epperly’s conviction for Gina Hall’s no-body homicide.

It covers many of the same topics I’ve addressed, and provides material that substantiates some of them. Senator, Graham served on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee for ten years.

The email was written prior to my learning of former Florida legislator/governor/U. Senator Bob Graham’s 1984 hands-on involvement in falsely reestablishing Preston’s credibility in Orange County for the purposes of keeping Brevard County frame-ups intact, with the taint of Linroy Bottoson’s prosecution already present. It is that committee’s responsibility to ensure that intelligence agencies adhere to their mandates, including the FBI’s mandate to ensure that public corruption does not affect trial outcomes, including public corruption that ensures upward mobility, like Jeff Ashton’s Orange County rise from prosecutor to State Attorney and Norm Wolfinger’s rise from Brevard public defender – including Gary Bennett’s public defender – to State Attorney.

The newspaper account of the Black Dahlia case may have initially motivated Lynch to confess, but his real inspiration came from a Benzedrine inhaler.

He told Hansen, Brown and De River that he bought an inhaler, tore off the wrapper, ate the contents and washed them down with a glass of water — it was then, Lynch said, that he decided to confess.

As you know, there was prosecutorial misconduct of record in Epperly’s case.

Bill King and Robin Robinson’s testimony against Epperly did not strike me as credible in that they apparently did nothing while someone made himself ridiculously at home in King’s parent’s vacation home.

A couple of weeks following the one year anniversary of the slaying of Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, LAPD detectives were still attempting to solve the case that was on its way to becoming L. Cops thought maybe they’d finally caught a break in the case when twenty-three year old Charles E.

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