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The revolver’s made of several materials including steel, aluminum and polymer.

Yet every surface of the gun screams “plastic” (even if it isn’t).

Also, moon clips are less bulky and easier to carry than speedloaders for those who don’t mind having a few extra rounds on their person.

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These features are purely aesthetic, of course, but it’s hard to hate the way this gun looks.

All of this for only about $100 over a standard model 642.

I thought I’d give the Performance Center’s slicked-up trigger a chance at it. There will always be a few discriminating gun owners looking for improvements to already good stuff. S&W has taken a proven design and greatly enhanced it.

The result is an advantage to the end user in a pocket gun that is easier to shoot effectively, easier to manage during recoil and extracts that long .38 Special brass consistently. I have a feeling this pretty pocket gun will soon be seeing some serious holster wear.

The release latch is moderately flared on its top and left side, providing the shooter with an extra bit of purchase while unlatching the cylinder. The BODYGUARD 380 is Kylie Minogue to the BODYGUARD 38’s Nikki Blonsky.

The release is truncated on the right side and chopped on the right to accommodate the laser. The semi-automatic pistol’s small and [almost] perfectly formed, with superb fit and finish. The laser’s molded into the frame, sitting comfortably forward of the trigger guard and below the barrel My only : the left side of the pistol looks somewhat cluttered, with three levers trying to occupy barely two linear inches. By way of comparison, a Model 442 Airweight, a similar internal-hammer variant of Smith & Wesson’s storied J-frame, tips the scales at 15 ounces without a laser. Fitting an aftermarket, side-mounted laser would cost around 0 and add about an ounce of weight.With Smith’s factories running full out, supplies of both guns are finally easing.You can now head down to your local gun dealer confident that you can get a BODYGUARD faster than a freshly-minted Republican presidential candidate. First Impressions The .38 revolver fit is top notch, as you’d expect from a Smith & Wesson wheelgun. Aesthetically, the Bodyguard .38 looks like a plastic water pistol from 1958.From the weak side, the best time was 2.32 with one shot creeping just outside the main group into the ‘8’ ring.All of these strings were shot with 125 grain Remington Golden Saber P.At The Range Shooting a five-shot 25-yard group off of a rest with a gun like this is senseless.


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