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Following a drum solo Bouchard scooped up a guitar and all played guitars to strobe lights. I've been to a lot of shows and will always remember this one as one of the best! OYSTER HAS METAL PEARLSPreviewed by JON BREAMMinneapolis Star Staff Writer Blue Oyster Cult, America's most intellectually and musically imaginative heavy metal band, will headline a rock concert tomorrow at the St. The quintet's fifth album, "Agents of Fortune," which was released this week, covers a broader range of rock styles than its predecessors.

Yet the Cult's crowd-pleasing stage show will feature no radical changes, keyboardist Allen Lanier Lanier said in a telephone interview yesterday.

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Once again, I owe a big debt to Peter Nielsen of the and Bert Gangl for their invaluable assistance with a number of gigs on this page.

Thanks also go to Art Liming for help uncovering some new gigs. Reviews, missing info, comments, ticket stub/poster scans etc etc - if so, let me .

To get a refund, I imagine you'd have to surrender the original ticket at the box office. Ted Nugent seemed to play every concert that came to the Cap Centre. I do remember the Laser light show from BOC, I dont think many bands used that then, it was pretty new. I went to this one - It was general admission I believe. I went to probably 20 concerts there including the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Three Dog Night, Grand Funk Railroad (In I believe 1973), Queen, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Grateful Dead, U2, Clapton, etc... BOC did indeed headline this all day show (must have been a Saturday or Sunday).

But even if you didn't, that still wouldn't account for it being ripped. I remember all members coming out to the front of the stage playing guitars, awesome. However, for whatever reason they chose to have Leslie West close the show.

Wow, to think I heard Thin Lizzy in the early days without even realizing it. Thanks to the advert above sent to me by Eric Hansen from power Windows, I now know that it was in fact Steve Marriott and his Allstars who were the other act on this bill. They didn't even turn down the house lights while they played and they were booed off stage. It was the Boys as the first warm up band and the lights were on as Douglas said.

This, in fact, chimes in nicely with Dan Helmbrecht's account above, and the advert also confirms that BOC definitely headlined... Rush was supporting 2112 and the Cult played the "On your feet or on your knees" set. The lead was wearing a leather jock (over his jeans) and they were BOOED off the stage. It was the era of General Admission tickets and I was in about the 5th row. I remember one of the guys I partied with was really bummed about this cause that's who he wanted to see. I'm sure I have a ticket stub somewhere for this show.

I have attached another scan of a stub I have that will either help (or deepen) a mystery!

Although your site lists a Chicago Aragon date of as the original date for this show, I have a stub that seems to indicate it was actually scheduled for . The stub shows a date code of "102" and a partial date of "02 1976", so I believe that may be the actual originally scheduled date.

Back to 4 Jan 76 - REO was up next, followed by Ted.


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