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It seems that most Russian language people think that filling out a personal profile is for losers.

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For centuries the Russian Empire has been ruled by either one of two warring castes, on the one hand the westerners / modernisers and on the other the siloviki.

Currently Russia is run by Vladimir Putin, a siloviki and that’s why many ladies (and gentlemen) identifying with the westerner caste want to leave the country.

I’ve got one hunch, I posted twice a link to personal pictures, nothing special; but the links were mistaken for posting links for personal gain (which is forbidden).

Instead user support told me that my pictures did not comply with their posting standards and deleted ALL of my profile pictures.

There is a TOP100 functionality which always presents two pictures of the gender you’re interested in and you select the one you like more.

By choosing one girl (A) over another (B), the system awards 1/20 of the points of girl B to girl A.

There is also a leader game, where you pay money to be the leader in your region (thereby being featured dominantly in the leader box) until somebody else pays more money.

Other uses of credits are sending virtual gifts to draw the attention of this woman to your profile.

The guys who spent the most money and the girls who received the most roses are siloviki. They might be looking for marriage, but also for a conversation partner or whatever.

You can easily recognize a siloviki guy by his pictures with a cell phone on his ear or a siloviki girl writing, ‘she’s looking for an alpha male’ or having received many gifts. Contact is very easily established, but just as easily lost.

Registration is incredibly easy as you can login with your vk, google, twitter or facebook profile.


  1. They don’t know that what they’re feeling isn’t normal, that they .

  2. They even closed the club, sneaking out just after 2 am.”Since splitting from Sum 41 rocker Deryck in September, Avril has also been romantically linked to oil heir Brandon Davis, who has also dated Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

  3. The adage that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result"couldn’t be more true when it comes to dating.


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