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Established in 2005 as an university spin off from TU Bergakademie - The University of Resources, Freiberg Instruments devoted the first few years to develop and test a whole family of fast, nondestructive, electrical characterization tools under production conditions, measuring parameters like minority carrier lifetime, photoconductivity and resistivity.

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In general, the g factor is not a number but a second-rank tensor represented by 9 numbers arranged in a 3×3 matrix.

The principal axes of this tensor are determined by the local fields, for example, by the local atomic arrangement around the unpaired spin in a solid or in a molecule.

By detecting the peak to peak amplitude the first derivative of the absorption is measured.

By using phase sensitive detection only signals with the same modulation (100 k Hz) are detected. Note field modulation is unique to continuous wave EPR measurements and spectra resulting from pulsed experiments are presented as absorption profiles.

Since an electron's spin magnetic moment is constant (approximately the Bohr magneton), then the electron must have gained or lost angular momentum through spin–orbit coupling.

Because the mechanisms of spin–orbit coupling are well understood, the magnitude of the change gives information about the nature of the atomic or molecular orbital containing the unpaired electron.

A hybrid material containing a stabilizer embedded in van der Waals type molecular crystal matrix is proposed considering the tissue equivalence of organic materials.

Inorganic materials suitable for radiation dosimetry and dosimetric imaging should be developed taking into account the accumulated information on ESR dating and also on TLD materials.

Freiberg Instruments has taken its commitment to quality to the next level and is now ISO 9008 certified.

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