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Our favorite spoiled billionaire-style feature planned for the new is the Orangery, a detached Georgian-style pile across the motor court from the main house that when built will include living room and kitchen and will probably be far larger than the average rich person’s mansion. These people, whoever they are, can spend their money however they like. However, let’s break it down, children: If their people–the ones paid to represent them–are going to be out there (allegedly) making asinine statements like that then these Richie Riches should expect that the peasants are going to get angry.

According to a spokesperson for Holdings, the new owners–whoever they are–called the new Orangery a “necessary” feature as it will allow the owners less-lavish and more intimate living quarters should “the family fancy a simple night in with pizza and beer.” What? Those who struggle financially tend not to appreciate cavalier statements that effectively mock the punishing disparity between those that have little and those who can have any and everything they want no matter the cost even if it’s a walk-in cheese vault, a solid-gold swimming pool or a minimum-wage Asian lady who lives in the basement and only appears when her . Your Mama’s knees turn to quivering pools of jelly just thinking of the number and cost of full-time staff required to maintain a private residence of this exceptional (and, let’s be honest, ludicrous) magnitude.

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Over time Natalia and the Lord become friends while facing the trials and tribulations of being Lord and Lady of the Castle.

The struggle of the rights of labourers vs land owners threatens to drive them appart once and for all, before it finally helps to break down the final barriors to their love.

Floor plans Your Mama snatched from the listing and marketing materials when the estate was listed in 2007-08 show a massive paneled stair hall with twin staircases and capacious double-height dining and drawing rooms.

A vast 70-foot long and 20-foot high walnut-paneled ballroom with gilded cornices and multiple fireplaces has at least seven sets of French doors that open the to a wide terrace that overlooks the pastoral grounds.

He paid for the education to help her prepare to be the perfect chatelaine of Colvall Castle.

After the fairytale wedding she is devastated to learn that this is not a love match, and that her new husband has vowed that he would never permit himself to love another woman.

We haven’t any idea how the current owner plans to make use of the gate house but it would certainly be perfect for housing a small army of eagle-eyed sniper-trained security personnel. At that price the big deal netted Mister Cooper a substantial net profit of 15-20 million pounds.

Lucky Mister Cooper sold the property during the summer of 2008 to a corporate entity named Holdings for somewhere around £50,000,000, more than one hundred million U. The owning corporation was reported by one British newspaper to be controlled by Russian construction tycoon Yelena–sometimes spelled Elena– this week by a construction crew member as “‘a wealthy European family looking for a permanent base in London'”–they’ve recently embarked on an extensive and expensive renovation and restoration of the house that also calls for–you got it–a tremendous expansion.

Floor plans also show a comparatively intimately-scaled library, study, billiard room and estate office with separate entrance and private bath on the ground floor.

By Your Mama’s count, according to the 2008 floor plan (above), the Floor plans from 2008 show the imposing three-pronged brick-built gate house encompasses a trio of apartments, each with two bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom.

The expansion, most of which will involve the installation of a shopping-mall sized subterranean complex, will just about double the size of the house and will reportedly cost the owner somewhere in the neighborhood of £50,000,000.

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