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Such news are important so that it can be instructive to others on how to fight back in a false rape case.

In this article I attempt to collect information on various false rape stories where the courts have given not just acquittal order but termed the whole case to be malicious, false, motivated etc; and so these can be instructive to those who are accused on how to fight back.

Do not believe every sob story someone tries to pull on you.

Most important rule of fighting any false case: Give a fight at least!

Anyone accused of any crime is to be presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. So one should not get pressurized into doing a compromise by paying money etc in a situation of extortion when complainant makes a false rape allegation and the whole gang of complainant, sometimes lawyers, police tries to corner you.

Illustrations(a) A informs a Magistrate that Z, a police-officer, subordinate to such Magistrate, has been guilty of neglect of duty or miscon­duct, knowing such information to be false, and knowing it to be likely that the information will cause the Magistrate to dismiss Z.

A has committed the offence defined in this section.(b) A falsely informs a public servant that Z has contraband salt in a secret place knowing such information to be false, and knowing that it is likely that the consequence of the information will be a search of Z’s premises, attended with annoyance to Z.

Any woman who threatens suicide or other legal threats should be avoided for all future time.

It is not your life mission to save every damsel in distress if it means possibility of false rape case in future!A has committed the offence defined in this section.(c) A falsely informs a policeman that he has been assaulted and robbed in the neighbourhood of a particular village.He does not mention the name of any person as one of his assistants, but knows it to be likely that in consequence of this information the police will make enquiries and institute searches in the village to the annoyance of the villages or some of them.There is a false rape/gang-rape news reported almost everyday in the media, a few of which I have already blogged about.I tend to cover those stories where the falsely accused either turned the tables on complainant (and gang), or got acquitted and court gave an order to file case on complainant/police etc.This is like a shotgun marriage where the Indian judiciary holds the shotgun to the current ‘rapist’/future bridegroom’s head!


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