Is kim kardashian still dating reggie bush Naughty chatroom

I didn’t even proof read this, going to pretend this post doesn’t exist after I publish.Now Kim this is depressing, not a publicity stunt gone wrong.

I think when they were going to announce the divorce they thought the public would throw a pity party for Kim since she is loved and adored by the public (that was a hard sentence to write). Now all of a sudden their stories keep changing and they are denying everything that was reported months ago that they never did anything to address.

The engagement ring cost $2 million, the wedding band cost $100,000, it was a $10 million wedding and they received $18million.

They are in stable real relationships and aren’t after the fame like Kim and don’t allow Kris Jenner to have full control of their lives.

One thing Kris Jenner is other than a fame whore and pimps out her children, she is a media mastermind.

She created an empire out of nothing and she turned a bad thing (sex tape) into a positive in millions of ways.

Who else would turn their daughter’s sex tape and turn her into a super star.

First of all, Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner will NEVER run out of story lines. I really didn’t want to talk about Kardashians for a while, even if they had an outfit on I would die for.

I am trying to tune them out and pretend they don’t exist but it’s hard to do.

When she and Reggie Bush broke up, they embarrassed him on national television and made it seem like Kim was the poor broken-hearted one when she drove him away from addiction to fame. So she will turn this divorce backlash into something no one has ever seen – she will turn every negative thing being said and will try to twist it.

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