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She is a specialist in endocrinology, but when in charge, she had a very limited medical practice due to her administrative duties. In the Season 7 episode Small Sacrifices her age is established as forty-two, with her forty-third birthday approaching.

Typically, such adjustments in public budgets are only a small fraction of authorized spending. “Maybe she meant $6.5 billion and not $6.5 trillion,” he said.

“So I found the report myself and sure enough it was $6.5 trillion.”Skidmore and Fitts agreed to work together to investigate the issue further.

Vogler insists on running the hospital like one of his businesses and when he learns that House is both a money loser and won’t follow the rules (like wearing a lab coat), and he soon made it a project to turn House into a productive employee or destroy him entirely.

Cuddy scrambles to save House and Vogler finally agrees to give him a chance - fire one of his fellows to save money.

Cameron suggests to House that instead they propose an across- the-board salary cut that will save exactly the same amount of money.

When House proposes this, Vogler rejects the suggestion outright, and Cuddy soon realizes that Vogler isn’t trying to save money, he’s trying to get House in line.Skidmore got involved last spring when he heard Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development, refer to a report which indicated the Army had .5 trillion in unsupported adjustments, or spending, in fiscal 2015.Given the Army’s 2 billion budget, that meant unsupported adjustments were 54 times spending authorized by Congress.Earlier this year, a Michigan State University economist, working with graduate students and a former government official, found trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.The work of Mark Skidmore and his team, which included digging into government websites and repeated queries to U. agencies that went unanswered, coincided with the Office of Inspector General, at one point, disabling the links to all key documents showing the unsupported spending.Therefore, she has been House's boss for at least 13 years, indicating that she was 38 when the show started and is currently 45.


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